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We offer you professionally guided Seatrekking trails throughout Europe for beginners, advanced and professionals.

All our trails are all about carefree Seatrekking adventures

We provide you with the complete seatrekking equipment: Stream Pack; for freediving (wetsuit, fins, mask + snorkel, flying weight) and outdoor equipment (sleeping bag, mattress, cooker, water bag, ...). You only need to bring a few personal items. 

Personal support from the beginning on

If you are interested in Seatrekking, feel free to contact us. We assure you that you feel always comfortable starting from the registration, planning, the trail and departure and know what's going on. We want to inspire you for this new sport and its philosophy and will do our best for it.

Joint arrival & departure

If possible, we organize arrival and departure together in our Multivan "Odysseus". We pick you up on the way or make carpools.

Was bieten wir dir?

What to bring?

  • Fancy a new, very special outdoor experience

  •  Snorkeling experience (if not, contact us and we will find solutions) and you should feel comfortable in the water

  • Willingness to spend a lot time in the water, to hike and be open to sustainable adventure traveling

  • Things from a packing list, which we will send you upon registration

  • A must-have is a valid travel / health insurance (we also recommend a DiveCard Basic for 49 € from Aquamed, worldwide protection for one year diving + traveling)

We are happy to advise you on the phone, so that all your doubts dissolve in the air!

Was musst du mitbringen?

Trail areas

Here we introduce you to our trail areas. Depending on the location, we offer trails from late April to early October in Europe.


Cres, Croatia

The island of Cres is the first island of the Croatian Adriatic. It provides an ideal terrain for an exciting seatrekking experience.

It is characterized by densely overgrown oak, chestnut and elm forests in the north, as well as, Mediterranean and barren pastures in the south. Through this varied, wild flora and fauna, and many small pristine bays, we can experience some very special trails.

Kullaberg Naturreservat, Schweden

Kullaberg in the North of Malmö is a small but fine trail area. Continuous bays and regularly exit possibilities offer flexible tours with interesting, different under water world. With a bit of luck you encounter playful seals or watch porpoises a little further out!

Elba, Italy

On Elba the Seatrekking has been invented. With this knowledge in mind, the island is a special place for a trail to follow the young history of our sport and to experience the wonderful nature.

Portofino, Italy

A challenging area, which is only working for Seatrekking out of the main tourist season, because of to much boat traffic. Apart from this, the place scores with its Italian flair and a changing coast line.

CheckOut trails throughout Europe

At the moment we are checking out new trails areas in whole Europe. Of course you can join us for these trips. They are more challenging, adventurous and unexpected things can happen. What more do you want?

Please contact us for more information, where and when these trails are taking place.

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