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What is Seatrekking?

In this new outdoor sport you move for several days in water and on land, along a coast and within nature. There you will experience and discover this special environment first hand and in full harmony with the elements. The water stages are covered by snorkeling, freediving and swimming. From time to time, hikes on land can be included in the trail to explore special locations, adapt to the weather or trail area, or just to enjoy complete freedom and flexibility to move in the coastal area.

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Our companion...

...for food, sleeping bag, mattress, cooker and other useful items is a stream pack, a waterproof backpack that can be easily pulled in the water with an elastic leash attached to the ankle and used on land as a trekking backpack.

"The focus lies not on performance or speed"

Depending on the trail area and weather, seatrekking can be done at a beginner, advanced or professional level. The focus lies not on performance or speed, but on values ​​that we often neglect in today's society, such as enjoying and consciously perceiving moments or the joy of flexibly discovering the environment.

This sport lives by its attachment to nature, curiosity, adventure and freedom, is just great fun and is a unique experience.

Seatrekking Code

In order to be in harmony with nature and to harm it as little as possible, Seatrekkers follow certain principles that make our adventure more sustainable.

Seatrekking Codex

1. Reduce yourself  


Travel with minimalistic means, light luggage and just take with you, what is really essential.

2. Leave no trace                                                             


Leave no traces where you are moving. From garbage, covering the fireplace to the choice of transport to the trail area.

3. Hide & See                                                                    


Seatrekkers do not want to attract attention unnecessarily and disturb the balance and calmness of the environment in the water as well as on land. Only then is it possible to get close to animals, to pause, relax and observe the moment.

4. Respect nature & animals  


Respect nature, which is exposed to the full pressure of humanity anyway, leave it as you found it and do no harm to any animal

(NO to spear fishing!).

5. Travel in small groups

The smaller Seatrekking groups are, the less noticeable they are in their surroundings. The trip is also less stressful and easier. 5 people or less is perfect.

6. Learning from the animals                                      


Observe and learn from animals that are perfectly adapted to their natural habitats. Especially in the water, we should be inspired for flowing, energy-saving movements or simply fun. Experts such as sea lions, dolphins and otters know how it works. This is how movement in the water becomes a flow and pure enjoyment.

7. Be safe

We are exposed to raw nature, this requires detailed planning and you need to know how Seatrekking can be done as a safe sport. Current, weather and rockfall are just a few examples that should be considered

About Us

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Our vision is to help people respect and protect nature by curiously exploring and experiencing it. We want to reconnect with mother nature.

Seatrekking is the best way to combine fun and responsibility, to appreciate and to preserve our environment even more.

This sport creates awareness for the essential things in life. An experience with friends, intact nature, switching of the phone and concentrating on your own awareness and just relaxing. Also realizing how few things we need to feel happiness.

Our Story

We, two brothers and the founders of SeaNomads, Luca and Julian are passionate Seatrekkers, travelers and adventurers and always open for something new.


Since Julian, who spent some time in 2016 working on an internship at ÁETEM the inventors of Seatrekking, got to know the young sport intensively, Seatrekking defined our life as a new passion. All the values ​​and paradigms that stand for Seatrekking were in their sum what is important for us in life. Seatrekking was exactly what we had always been looking for.

"Seatrekking combines everything, what is also important for our

personal life." 

After initially participating in organized Seatrekking trails by ÁETEM and Bernhard Wache (Seatrekking inventor), we soon set out on our own to explore the coasts of the world. Then, at some point, the idea arose that we would like to be a part of those, who make the sport more accessible for everyone and develop it forward into the future.


In early 2019, we founded The SeaNomads and have been doing everything we can to share the values ​​and enjoyment of Seatrekking with others, to responsibly develop and bring the sport into the world.



The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  of the United Nations are political objectives that aim for global, sustainable development in environmental, social and economic areas by 2030 and consist of 17 objectives.


As Seatrekkers and The SeaNomads we focus on the connection between water and land. Likewise, we want to be a bridge in coastal regions for Goal 14, "Life below Water" and Goal 15, "Life on Land". Within  history, on regulatory base and also within the logic of humans, these two parts were always separate, but are fully dependent on each other's existence and influence each other.

In this connection sub-Goal 14.1 and 14.5, preventing marine pollution and promoting marine protected areas are in our primary focus, which we can only address together with different stakeholders like local authorities and people.

Seatrekking Code

The Seatrekking Code, which demonstrates the close connection of our sport with nature, provides us with guidelines for the sport. At the same time, it can also serve as inspiration for "normal" travel and your personal life. We as eco-tourism operators guarantee our actions on the basis of these principles.

Proudly Supporting JR Logo_black.png

We want to do a little part with your help to protect our oceans. Therefore, we donate 10€ per participant to the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd.

We, the SeaNomads, are a sustainable tourism operator. The trails are carried out as gently to nature and local people as possible. Seatrekking as a sport involves a respectful approach and harmony with the environment.


We are aware that we are in wild, partially untouched nature and therefore bear enormous responsibility to disturb them as little as possible and to minimize negative influence. Of course we are not perfect and we are constantly working to make our tours more sustainable.


As we love Seatrekking and our nature, we have made it our mission to bring more people to coastal areas and to share the values ​​and enjoyment of the sport with as many people as possible and to create a strong awareness for this fragile environment, the sea and the coast.


We hope that through our Seatrekking tours we will raise the awareness of our participants, show a new perspective on life and influence their consumption and this will lead to new priorities in their value systems. This focus on human well-being is essential for an improved, sustainable economic and social system in harmony with our planet.

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