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You wanted to start your own Seatrekking adventure?
Then we want to support you in every way!

If you need tips & tricks or equipment like a StreamPack, freediving or outdoor equipment, we are at your disposal. We rent our equipment and send it to you uncomplicated and fast.

Feel free to contact us or call us for a sea trekking equipment list, prices and more info about sea trekking and the right equipment.


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Seatrekking Equipment
Seatrekking Freitauch Equipment
Seatrekking Outdoor Equipment

Seatrekking Equipment

For a Seatrekking trail you need a StreamPack, a waterproof, aquadynamic backpack, which will serve you well in the water as well as on land.
We have several models available for you to rent. And of course the right elastic leash to pull the pack in the water.

Water & Freediving Equipment

To truly become one with the sea and mutate into Homo Delphinus, things like neoprene, fins and mask are essential.
For Seatrekking, we use highly lightweight, durable equipment. In addition, an intelligent and flexible weight system, the "flying lead" for freediving is a core element to float perfectly balanced!

Outdoor Equipment

The part of Seatrekking on land is defined especially by equipment for sleeping, camping and eating. Tarp, sleeping bag and sleeping pad are the most important pieces of equipment for a good sleep in the fresh air. With good small stoves it is possible to pass the relaxed time by the fire with ingenious dishes and outdoor cuisine.

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