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The SeaNomads


Phone: +49 176 23358736


Meet the Team

Our professional team will not only assist you during the trail or the workshop, but will also answer all your questions about Seatrekking or our tours. Our guides lead you on an equal level, responsibly and with a lot of joy. We want to get you excited about Seatrekking and have an unforgettable ocean experience with you. We are looking forward to you! 


Julian Mühlmeier

Seatrekking Guide & Founder

For him the focus is the perfect nature experience for our participants. Sustainable development, thinking globally and regionally at the same time are Julian's topics in addition to theater and circular fashion.

Luca Mühlmeier

Seatrekking Guide & Founder

As a social and adventure educator, Luca attaches great importance to the development of new trail formats and how Seatrekking is taught and trained.

Leslie Burkhalter

Seatrekking Guide

Leslie is a passionate nomad and co-creates her life while being in dialog with the ocean. She‘s inspired easily by what we experience and integrates all the surrounding aspects in her holistic work approach.

Michael Stock

Seatrekking Guide

 He leads you out of your comfort zone. Far from any distraction and equipped minimalistic, everything is reduced to the essentials. In addition Michael is getting to know this unique sport and is focussing on his travel to himself. 

Seatrekking Community

Unsere Community wächst langsam aber stetig und mittlerweile gibt es schon um den ganzen Globus Seatrekker. Durch jeden einzelnen wächst unser Bewusstsein für unsere Meere und Küstenregionen und dass wir uns selbst immer wieder eine Pause der hektischen Gesellschaft gönnen sollten.
Sei ein Teil davon!

Hilfreiche Links zu unseren Freunden und Partnern der Seatrekking Community:

Seatrekking Community
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